Physical Scars

Reducing Scars: What Works and What Doesn’t

Once you have a scar, there are many strategies and products that are available that claim to minimizing scarring. Unfortunately, there is no cure or surgery that can remove a scar entirely, but there are ways to alter its size, depth, and/or color.  WebMD has many tips on how to reduce the look of physical scars.  Here is a link to that page:

I personally underwent many laser treatments through my local dermatologist and experienced great results.  These images will show you how laser treatment really made a difference.  However, it didn’t completely take away the actual scar and although it looked better, I still hid my scar.  I found a woman who was skilled at tattoo cover. The results have been amazing.

Yet even with all the treatments I underwent, my true healing from my scars started within.  I needed to change the way I saw my scars and recognize their beauty.  I know the terrible torment a physical scar can have.  It can be an ugly reminder of a painful and tragic event.  Unfortunately, even when our hearts heal, the scar remains.  Having someone to talk to, someone who can help redefine your own beauty in your heart and mind can begin the healing process and help you change the way you see yourself.  When I learned to see myself, with my scars, through my scars and because of my scars as beautiful… everything changed for me.  In that moment, I allowed others to see me as beautiful too.

Help is available. is a link that provides details on professionals such as: Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Therapists, Counselors, Group Therapy and Treatment Centers that are listed in your area within the United States and Canada.  Healing from our scars is unique to each one of us.  Find yours today.