Pay It Forward

Get Ready

This is where your story becomes your mission and the embers of hope that you have found through your story will become a flame that blazes and impacts lives wherever you go. Drawing from the very struggle and strength of your past, your scars- now symbols of your survival, your resilience and your ability rise above- is your power and potency. You are Scarred Beautiful.

The stage is yours and your message is infectious, compelling and powerful. Join us in this next level, a challenge, to turn every moment of pain to a propulsion of your life’s passion. Together we will discover you. Because in you is a God-given assignment that is unique, significant, and needed. Scarred Beautiful will help enlighten, encourage, inspire, train, develop, support and even help you launch your own divine and potent calling. Because we believe that within you is one who holds the potential to bring hope and healing. We believe within you is a message, a story, that will impact our community, your community, beyond anything you thought possible. Are you ready?


Shawn's Story

Loss of a Child

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Facing a loss of a child, Shawn is able to see the beauty of her son’s life while on earth and the joy of complete healing he now knows at God’s thrown.

Meredith's Story

Ovarian Cancer Survivor

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A surprise pregnancy, while being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Dr. Meredith faces these challenges with great courage and resilience.

Mary's Story

Surviving Gun Violence

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Mary was a victim of the Tucson shooting at the Gabriel Gifford’s rally. Her story will touch and impact all who watch.