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Welcome! I am Andrea Casteel Smith and I am Scarred Beautiful.

How I became Scarred Beautiful:
As a young girl I was born with a large birthmark that covered my back. The doctors explained for me to live, all the skin on my back had to be removed. So… at the age of 6 I underwent very invasive surgeries where every layer of skin on my back was cut away, and what remained of my torso was used as skin grafts. After my surgeries, 40% of my body was without skin. The pain was terrible. My screams would echo down the hallway of that hospital, especially when I saw the nurses coming with their sponges and clean sheets.

Yet, that pain subsided… because the wounds healed, replaced by something else. Scars. I was a young girl with almost half my body severely scarred.

This was a new pain and shame was that new pain.

My life became consumed by shame. Unfortunately, shame did not end with my physical scars, but continued, multiplied, became bigger, deeper and overwhelming. I learned to put on a façade, a fake narrative to hide my many scars and smile through the pain. Yet every day, every minute I carried such intense dread and fear that someone, a friend, a colleague, a stranger would somehow discover how ugly I really am.

Then it happened. I stopped. I shed the shame and began to see my scars for what they are. My scars reveal my survival, my ability to overcome the very disease that intended to destroy but didn’t. My scars reveal I am alive… and that is beautiful. The truth is, my scars are not what is ugly about me, but what is beautiful.

Scarred Beautiful is who I am. I am no longer just scarred but Scarred Beautiful. Every scar, those I wear on my body and those deep in my heart, are symbols of my triumph over disease, pain, wrong decisions, hurts caused by others, hurts caused my me, both lessons learned, and wisdom earned. Each is a story, each a testimony of purpose over the pain.

The moment I decided to leave the façade, live in my truth and own my own skin, my life was forever changed. I began sharing my story. It started with my book, Scarred Beautiful, and turned into this beautiful movement where women from all over share their scars. Together we walk this road not alone and champion, celebrate and even promote every woman’s story. We are now over 40,000 strong, men and women who call themselves Scarred Beautiful.

The call continues today. I am dedicated to reaching women with the power of finding beauty and redemption in our scars. It has been amazing to see so many lives changed, hearts transformed and ministries launched through Scarred Beautiful. Sharing the Scarred Beautiful message is a privilege and my life’s passion. Scarred Beautiful has growing support both through blogs, podcast and events with audiences of both secular and Christian organizations.

I am a TEDTalk speaker, a Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified Professional Christian Life Coach, an ordained minister, a licensed Chaplain, and completing Christian Counseling at Trinity College and Seminary. I hope to use this training to touch women who are ready to see their scars as beautiful and walk in the liberty from shame. We are a community, a platform and a training forum for those who want to take their purpose and destiny to a new remarkable levels.

My heart is to reach women and share a message that transformed my life, changing my pain to my purpose. I hope that you will join me in seeing the power of our scars and our past as a symbol of a life transformed, and living in the confidence that we have indeed overcome.

Ultimately my goal is for you to see that your scars are beautiful. You are beautiful not in-spite, but with and even because of your scars. And what’s more, there is power in your story, because your story is unique to you and you alone. Together, we can discover the beauty within you, the significance of your past, and most importantly unveil your distinctive calling which lies ahead. Every scar you hold is your story of strength, survival, growth and most importantly God’s amazing Grace… and that is beautiful.

Andrea Casteel Smith

Certified Christian Life Coach

Andrea Casteel Smith


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 Andrea shares her personal story of shame turned to beauty, inspiring each one of us to find the beauty in accepting ourselves, scars and all.

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