Scars can be shameful, those that are physical and those that are emotional, but to use those experiences, unveil what has been hidden transforms us from ordinary to extraordinary… and we become truly beautiful. I Am Scarred Beautiful is a movement to inspire each one of us to stop hiding our shame and find the beauty in accepting our self, scars and all. Brave women from all walks of life are sharing their stories, encouraging one another to shed the veil and wear our scars with pride. Together, we walk this road not alone, but find in each other a community of women who have faced or are facing those moments that test our character. Yet we see these moments as the catalyst to our greatness, where we realize the depth of our faith, find the inner strength we never knew we had, and the beauty of getting back up. Once you hear, you will learn that they are just people, like you, like me.

We have captured many on video with each video revealing their authentic tale and insight into dealing with the struggles of life. Each woman is offered a hand of encouragement and compassion, with one simple message, “You are beautiful!” They give hope, inspiration to let down the guard and unveil the beauty that comes with accepting and loving ourselves. Join us and find the hope, peace, and fulfillment they found. Yes we have scars… but we truly are Scarred Beautiful.

Inspiration Behind the Movement

Andrea Smith was born with a large precancerous birthmark that covered her entire back from neck to waist. From infancy to the age of six, Andrea endured very painful medical procedures, where surgeons removed the precancerous skin to ensure life expectancy. Skin grafts were taken from various areas and as a result, 40% of her body was left with severe physical scars. Her earliest memories are lying in the hospital bed, in incredible pain, naked and without the cover of her own skin. Andrea lived her life, hiding her scars and putting on a beautiful image; yet inside she felt ugly and her body disfigured

As Andrea began to build her family life she seemed to have everything put together: a devoted husband and beautiful children. But in an instant, it all came crashing down like a house of cards.

Leaving her family behind to check into the Pima County Jail in Tucson, Arizona, Andrea experienced a shame that was deep and boundless. The painful episode dredged up emotional, and even physical, scars that she’d long buried and hoped to forget. From her humiliating strip search through her final, triumphant release, Andrea’s memoir Scarred Beautiful eloquently chronicles her touching journey through shame, anger and tragedy that threaten to break her spirit. It’s through this journey that she learns to unearth the beauty in her flaws – and emerge from incarceration with renewed courage and faith, and a new appreciation for what is most precious and cherished in her life.

Today, Andrea has a beautiful tattoo that covers her scars. She has since learned to see the scars of her life as the symbol of healed wounds, the blessing of a prolonged life that the scars have given her and the beauty of getting back up. Her message is that of overcoming, accepting oneself and seeing beauty in our scars.

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