We Are Scarred Beautiful

The Movement

Scars can be shameful, those that are physical and those that are emotional, but to use those experiences, unveil what has been hidden transforms us from ordinary to extraordinary… and we become truly beautiful.

I Am Scarred Beautiful is a movement to inspire each one of us to stop hiding our shame and find the beauty in accepting our self, scars and all. Brave women from all walks of life are sharing their stories, encouraging one another to shed the veil and wear our scars with pride. Together, we walk this road not alone, but find in each other a community of women who have faced or are facing those moments that test our character.

Yet we see these moments as the catalyst to our greatness, where we realize the depth of our faith, find the inner strength we never knew we had, and the beauty of getting back up. Once you hear, you will learn that they are just people, like you, like me.

i am scarred beautiful

Andrea Casteel Smith

“I want women to share their stories and find healing. I want them to know there is a community here to take the pain in their past and turn it into a purpose. Where we encourage one another to give back by helping others who are walking in the same troubled footsteps of our past and triumph over our scars”

Our Stories

Cindy's Story

Family Tragedy

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While in the line of duty a police officer is shot in the head. As he battles for life and death,  his wife found their miracle

Mary's Story

Loss of a Child

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Spinal Surgeon and New York Times Best Selling Author, Dr. Mary Neal, reveals the pain of the tragic loss of her son, but shares that hope was never lost

Elisa's Story

Sexual Abuse

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A young girl who was the tragic victim of sexual assault, now shares her powerful story of finding hope, health and healing.  

Let’s unveil YOUR true Beauty

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