I had a label that I placed on myself at a very young age. It started as a label and became my name. It was a secret name that only I knew. I would speak it over myself when I looked in the mirror, when I got dressed, when I stood in church, when I went to school. I would whisper this name over my heart again and again, while outwardly I pretended, I smiled, hid my reality, and acted as though that name didn’t exist. Yet the truth, that name was very real… it described me.

My name was “Scarred”.

When I introduced myself, I would smile and say, “Hi, my name is Andrea…” but inside I would whisper, “I am Scarred.”

Do you have a label? Do you have a name? What is that name?

Why do we label ourselves? Why do we speak such cruel words over our hearts and minds? These labels, these names, rob us of our worth, they steal from us opportunity and create a negative perspective of all we face or have endured.

Jesus said, “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”
John 10:10 (NKJV)

See the truth is, these terrible names and labels we put on ourselves are actually not true, but distortions of the truth. Yes, I am actually scarred. I carry many scars on my body, and I carry scars in my heart. Yet, are my scars who I am?
Is it fair to describe me, the whole person, as Scarred?

Who is labeling me? I needed to ask myself, who is speaking this name over me? Is this a voice I should be listening to? More importantly, why is this voice hissing this horrible name over me, over my life, over my future. Because, if a thief only comes into a home and takes the most valuable items and leaves that which has little worth… than what is this thief, in my own head, trying to take from me?

Susan Noonan, M.D., wrote in an article published by Psychology Today, that “there is a danger in believing these negative statements. Believing something that is not a true reflection of you can cause emotional pain and suffering. It can have a major impact on the way you see yourself and think about yourself- and how you present yourself to the world. In thinking this way your mind is closed to the possibilities of what you might accomplish, or who you might become in the future. Experiences and opportunities that might have been available to you no longer are. Since you don’t give yourself a chance, you set yourself up for failure, disappointment, and unhappiness.”

Let me introduce myself to you today. I am Andrea… I no longer carry the name Scarred, because I have been given a new name. That name is, Scarred Beautiful. How did I find a new name? God gave it to me!

Did you know that God gives us names? Think about the names God has given people throughout the Bible. He gave Abram the name Abraham, Sarai he changed to Sarah, He called Simon- Peter, and Saul to Paul. Why did God do this? Every name He spoke over these people was a prophetic word over their life. A destiny they were to fulfill, but hadn’t yet. He saw in them their calling. See Abraham means “father to many”, Sarah means “mother of nations”, Peter means “rock” because Jesus declared, “on this rock I will build My Church” (Matthew 16:18, NKJV), , and Paul is the Greek name for Saul. Paul became the apostle to the gentiles. God changed his Hebrew name to a gentile name!

See I finally realized that the name Scarred was a lie. It was a label that undermined my truth. I was speaking this terrible name over myself and stealing from my life its true potential. Because Scarred stole the beauty that my scars represent in my life. Scarred stole the purpose my scars represent in my life. Scarred gave me shame, when God called me Worthy. Scarred kept me wounded, when God called me healed.

I ask you again, what is your name or label that you have been speaking over your heart? Do you have a name?

That name, that label is stealing your calling, your purpose that God has for you. Its very intent is to take what is precious, what is valuable and reduce you to useless. It’s time to speak God’s given name over your heart.

I want you to do this. I want you to write down that name, that horrible label. Write it on a piece of paper and then take your pen or pencil and scratch through it. Cross it out. Then put your hands on your heart and close your eyes. Ask God what are the names He calls you? Do this. I am telling you, your life will be transformed if you just open your heart and mind to hear from God the names He speaks over you. Let Him share with you what He calls you. This isn’t for others, it’s for you, from Him. Stop, close your eyes and ask God what He calls you.

As you do this, names will come to your heart. They will come as a whisper. Don’t question, don’t argue, don’t neglect these names. This is God speaking to you. As they come, write the truth of God on that paper, every name He whispers. Write it down. You don’t have to show anyone, just do it. Let Him continue to speak to you. Allow His voice to become louder and recognizable. Silence the evil that likes to scream at you. Silence it. It only lies and steals from. Let God speak life and truth to your heart. Some of the names are not a reality today, but are part of His plan for you, His knowledge of who you are and who you are to become. Keep writing, He has a lot to say to you.

Now do this. I want you to prophecy over yourself. Take the names He has given you and begin to speak them over yourself. If that old terrible name comes up, begin to speak truth over that lie. God’s truth. Embrace the names He gives you, let them settle in your spirit, let them permeate your heart. Because you are Worthy, you have a Purpose, you are His Child, you are His Chosen and He calls you Beloved.

-written by Andrea Casteel Smith, Professional Christian Life Coach, author of Scarred Beautiful