Breath fills her lungs, as the warmth of the sun touches her cheeks and shoulders… For she is beautiful. Her skin is soft and flawless. She opens her eyes as brightness overwhelms her. Because before her is God Himself, with His hand reached out to her. He gently leads her to one, a man, whose eyes are filled with anticipation and love.

And the man said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.”

Beauty was everywhere, creation had no perversion, life bloomed without spoil, love was pure and whole without pain. She walked in favor and filled her heart with the aroma of God and creation, with only one rule, to not eat of one tree’s fruit.

Yet the Deceiver came, he hated her, he fixated on her, he lied to her… and she believed.

Immediately darkness spread, it spread and devoured not the garden, but her soul. Fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, shame plagued her. She hid from God, for she could not face Him now.

And the curse began, the garden now shielded, she is an exile.

Hunger instantly consumed all creatures, the sun became hot, the ground –dry. And pain… pain entered her body…

Yet in the midst of this, she is given a name: a name that is more than just woman. That name is Eve. This is her hope, a gift given to her alone, and solely to her and her daughters thereafter, because that new name has meaning.

For “Eve” means life.

…And she becomes a mother. Yet her pain of labor will never equal that of the agony of her heart, because her first born son becomes a murderer, and her second and youngest son, his victim.

She is one of us, she is part of us. Her scars are ours. She was the first to know agony and grief, hers were the first tears to fall and touch soil, hers the first screams of hopeless despair, she the first of us to bear a heart that is broken.

As years passed on, her sorrow never left her. Her skin no longer flawless and beautiful, her face no longer innocent, but the God of grace touched her and filled her womb once again. It was a son. And Hope was given to her once more. God gave her that little life, and redemption her ultimate act. For this son would be the father of Noah, Abraham, David, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Jesus.

This is her beautiful, for though her shame came from the deceiver and death became her curse, yet through her came a promise, and the One who would carry the weight of all shame and provide her children our forgiveness. But there is more, He is the One that will crush the head of the deceiver and be the door to which we may enter paradise again.

This is Eve’s true story and she, like you and me, is Scarred Beautiful.

-written by Andrea Casteel Smith, author of “Scarred Beautiful”