You know I used to be so self conscious about the scars on my knees, since having them done at the ripe ‘ole age of 18. I hated showing my legs, even though my husband says “they’re sexy” lol. But then I came to realize, it’s not the scars that make you, it’s you that makes the scars. I am a strong woman accepting the war I am going through and have been through. My scars show toughness, that I’ve been through and still going through, yet still standing.

I have many scars, four knee surgeries, appendix, gallbladder, two BEAUTIFUL c-section scars that let me be the mommy I am today, and the most recent of them, and blind to the naked eye, my MS lesions on the brain.

People go based on outside appearances everyday, but yet DON’T know what you’ve been through to receive these scars. Ask, don’t stare, I’ll share my stories with you. Don’t judge someone because they look different, talk funny, etc. They, just like I do, have a story to tell behind each scar.

So if you have scars, and are embarrassed, DON’T be, embrace them! Forget the negative things other may say about you, because they’re fighting their own demons inside, and can’t see the true beauty of you just being you. Keep your head up at all times, and live life to the fullest! 💙😘😉☺❤

#IamNOTmyscars #TakeitorLeaveit #BeYourself

Karla Zuehl