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To transform the way every woman sees their scars and empower her to share her unique and remarkable story of healing, igniting hope and changed lives.

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Hope for Homelessness - Autumn’s Story Part 1

Today’s video is the first part of a three part series about a young woman who I saw as I was driving. She stood on the side of the road with a sign and my heart compelled me no matter how important the task ahead of me was and its deadline, I knew I needed to stop. I held her, hugged her, prayed with her and offered her a meal. I shared with her what I do in Scarred Beautiful, and she felt compelled to tell her story too. It all began in this moment, here is the first of Autumn’s story.

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Together We Walk This Road Not Alone

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Scarred Beautiful is a movement to inspire each one of us to stop hiding our shame and find the beauty we hold, not in spite of our scars, but with and even because of them.

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Your story is powerful, unique and is a big part of who you are. The impact it can have on another person’s life is immeasurable. Let Scarred Beautiful help you share your story.

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Through our stories we are able to transform those moments of pain to extraordinary purpose to help heal others who walk that same path in your local community.

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Join Andrea every week or watch live on Tuesdays @10am MST as she features powerful stories of women triumphing over their scars with a panel of special guests.

Our Partners

Scarred Beautiful is committed to sharing our stories and impacting the lives of those in our community and beyond. We encourage everyone to take their message to every facet of our community, nation and world. In partnership with many organization, Scarred Beautiful serves as ordained ministers, chaplains, speakers and presenters, board members and active volunteers. We believe that the healing we have found is contagious. The following are organizations that Scarred Beautiful not only promotes, supports but also is actively involved. We encourage all our members to be part of these organizations, find an organization that honors their hearts cry, or take the courageous step to begin their own organization that meets the needs of those they feel called.

Let’s unveil YOUR true Beauty
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